How to improve your credit rating in 5 easy steps

Emergencies only strike when you least expect them. Imagine requiring urgent money to sort an abrupt situation only to learn that your credit ratings aren’t impressive at all! How do you improve your credit ratings to avoid such a situation? Here is a list of the 5 easy ways to improve your credit score in […]


The best small jobs for stay at home mums to make extra money

Stay-at-home mums (SAHMs) try to juggle raising a family and work as best as they can. Hence, finding a flexible job, in terms of working hours, that can be done from him is one of the top objectives of any stay at home mum. If you would like to do something you really trained for, […]


How to finance a new startup business in the UK

Raising funds for your startup is one of the top hurdles that any entrepreneur would face. Since the 2008 credit crunch, lending to small and medium businesses has dropped remarkably. However, there are more sources of startup capital than big banks. Here are some of the best sources of finance for startups in the UK? […]


Equal Pay Barometer for UK Pay Gender Gap

Women in the United Kingdom have been campaigning for equal pay at the workplace for years. The right to equal pay between both genders was protected initially in 1970, in the Equal Pay Act, and more recently in 2010 in the Equality Act. Despite the existence of these vital Acts, the situation doesn’t show any […]