The best small jobs for stay at home mums to make extra money

Stay-at-home mums (SAHMs) try to juggle raising a family and work as best as they can. Hence, finding a flexible job, in terms of working hours, that can be done from him is one of the top objectives of any stay at home mum.

If you would like to do something you really trained for, finding an employer that permits you to carry your assignments home and complete them from there can be appealing but such employers are incredibly rare nowadays. Fortunately, the internet has more than enough flexible jobs that pay remarkably well and can be completed from home, here are some of them:

Best online jobs for stay at home mums

Make money while staying home with kids

Freelance article writing

Freelance writing does not come with a lot of requirements. While in some instances only the most talented writers thrive – like with creative writing, such as ghostwriting – simple content creation skills and researching abilities are all you need to make it in this area.

There are plenty of freelance writing platforms. You can start with Upwork, Hirewriters, Textbroker, and TheHoth. Some freelance writing platforms like Hirewriters let you set a cashout schedule i.e. weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and so on.

Graphics Design

Are you a creative and passionate stay at home mum with love for art? You can mint impressive money on the internet by signing up with a freelance graphic design platform and completing those tasks from home.

Both Upwork and allows graphic designers to advertise their graphic design expertise on the platform and meet clients. PeoplePerHour and LinkedIn ProFinder can prove useful too.

Online editing

Online editing and proofreading

Just like freelance writing, online editing jobs don’t require specialized training. If you can speak good English and have a sufficient understanding of writing styles – both creative and academic – you are good to give it a shot. You may sign up with EliteAssignmentHelp and AustralianHelp just to get started. These two offer a steady flow of work for most parts of the year.

Some online editing sites exist as assignment outsourcing platforms where editors can actually complete class assignments for students. If that kind of work sits badly with you then you are better off away from such sites.

Academic writing

Academic writing platforms allow you to complete some research work, write essays, and complete papers for academics from all over the world. Most academic writing companies require their writers to possess training in a specific area. If you hold a pharmacy degree, for instance, you will sign up as a pharmacist and limit yourself to pharmacy-related tasks.

If you are a person who likes to research and passionate about your area of specialization, you can make decent money while writing papers on topics you love.

Some of the best academic writing platforms on the internet are EssayPro, Essayroo, Boom Essays, Unemployed Professors (you don’t really need to be a professor to join), EssayShark, and Academia (they are two, and Academic Research).



Transcription jobs require you to listen to an audio recording and write down what you heard exactly as is. Tasks may also entail listening to the audio and correcting errors and reviewing reports It is one of those online jobs you don’t need specialized training to do. All you need is access to a laptop or desktop computer and good mastery of the English language.

Because clients on transcription platforms come from different countries, some transcription tasks may come with barely understandable. The more familiar you are to an array of accents the better. Most transcription jobs require writers to type 75 words per minute or more.

Final Words

Because of time constraints and the fact that stay-at-home mums don’t get out of the house often, a flexible job that can be completed from home is preferred. With just a computer and access to fast internet, you can make money from home by completing an array of tasks on the internet, whether you possess specialized skills/training or not.

You can start by choosing between article writing and academic writing, whichever impresses you. Transcription is very much like article writing except that you listen to audio recordings and write down what you heard. If you possess graphic design skills, you can sign up with Upwork or a similar platform and meet your clients.